Understanding history is one of the key factors in getting to know any community. In the 19th and 20th century, various parts of the globe underwent massive battles that were part of globalization and liberalization of various communities. In Ontario, Canada, this was no exception and it carries its history in Niagara History museum that is a reflection of the eventualities of war that occurred in July 25th, 1812 in what was known as the Anglo American war.


History of the site

It was on the night of July 25th when around 3,000 Canadian soldiers came face to face with American solders totaling about 2,800. This was in Lundy’s a township in Ontario, Canada. The heated battle that ensured came to the historic books as one of the ugliest incidences that had occurred during the battle that had lasted for five hours in the war that was in existence since the year 1812. The casualties of the battle was estimated to be over 850battlecemetary men from each of the fighting armies. To commemorate this, the federal government built a monument that was 12 meters high in Drummond Hill cemetery which was the center ground of the battle. This was to receive recognition and designation as a historic site from the Historic Sites and Monuments Board in 1937. Over the years various smaller monuments have also been built on the site.


What makes the site more historic?

In the years after the war, the fame of the famous battleground turned to an instant tourist attraction. This was occasioned by the impressive view that was accorded by the view towers built on the site that gave visitors a clear overview of the area. More to this the Drummond Hill Cemetery was the final resting place of the wars most notable soldiers Laura Secord. The equipments used in the war also forms part of the historic attractions present in the museum.


NFhistory2What is there to see?

Lundy’s Lane Battlefield Museum offers a range of historical artifacts that relate toshell_grapestandus the battle that took place in the years of 1814. Among these artifacts are the uniforms used by the forces, the weapons and the equipment. The museum also has in place records as well as adequate information regarding the occurrences of the time. To make the tour to the museum more personalized and to give each and every visitor the best chance, there is in place a personal tour guide pamphlet that allows the visitor to take a tour of the museum without the need for a tour guide.


Where is the museum located?

In order to get access to the museum, it is important to get clear and concise directions to the site. It is located in 5993, Barker Street, Niagara Falls Ontario. When visiting the museum you can get the walking tour brochure from the site’s entrance which covers a distance of approximately 1.7 Km. This can also be downloaded from the museums website and a visit can only be made during some specified weekends when the museum is open. A visit will help you learn more and also see many artifacts from uniforms to weapons that were used in the past, long, long ago, during the battle of 1814.